Thursday, 27 November 2014

Banana bread and little alleyways

Sooooo the past 3 days I was in Melbourne, the big city!
I enjoyed being out in the city so so much, it's such a wonderful city! 
Very multicultural so it doesn't represent Aussie in any way according to and Aussie I met the other day but still such a great city! 
There are so many things to see and so many little alleyways to walk through which all bring you somewhere else, wether it's just a different street or this whole great shopping complex hidden in the middle of a cluster of buidings. Love it! 
Watching this awesome dude play the didgeridoo and some other aboriginal instruments on Burke St in the lovely Friday sunshine

I had 3 great days in Melbourne starting of on Wednesday when I first walked though the cbd at bit and then ended up on a tram heading for St Kilda, the beach in other words! It had become very cloudy and windy so there were a lot of kiteboarders which was awesome to watch for a while until I thought it started raining (and of course I had forgotten my jacket) 

Here's a picture of the guy I was watching in the air, he just got caught up in the wind and let the wind pull him into the air, TOTALLY AWESOMESAUS !
As to have an idea of the amount of kiteboarders ;)

In the evening I walked through some more alleyways, which some of them looked familiar already, and found a place to eat. Here's the result!
Belgian beer and a great smoked chicken with mozzarella spring onions tomato sauce and pesto. It was B E A UTIFULL 

On Thursday I went for a walk near the Yarra river ended up buying some lovely sushi rolls and ate them on a bench in the sun by the river watching joggers doing their thing. It looked something like this 

OH and I found this cute little cupcake place called little cupcakes!

Expensive as hell (of course) but I still treated myself on 3 little beauties 

Oreo, peanut butter and salted caramel. Boy did I enjoy eating those!
I ate one after my lunch 

And than one after an hour or 2 

And than my last little treasure I had on federation square. It took me nearly 10 minutes to eat one but I enjoyed every minute of it, possibly the best cupcakes ever. I savoured every piece because they were so expensive but so damn good. M m mmm

At Federation square I met this guy with which I spent the afternoon and evening which was lovely, had a good laugh! 
There is this night noodle market going on near federation square so we went there and it was foodtastic! So much people and food, really my kind of thing haha! 

This is what the entrance looks like during the day, including a great skyline which is even more pretty by night! 

Taken at Burke St 

These are from federation square, top one is from on fed sq 
Last thing I did in Melb's was eat a delicious pancake and have a home made lemon iced tea (which I got for free, by the way!) at the pancake parlour.  
Of course I forgot the time, ending in me having to rush it all down but boy was that one hell of a good American pancake! 
Always got time for a picture, thank god ;) or two!?

Alleyways & banana bread 


Cheers mate!
xoxo Lizzie 

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