Monday, 1 December 2014

Hello summer!

The first of December has arrived, this year it means some different things than last year like no coats, jackets, long trousers and comfy jumpers. Hates and gloves come out for the verry opposite purpose. 

Along with the season our daily routine changed too. The horses go out in the night and stay in during the day without rugs to sleep.
(Fasolt just waking up from his nap)
 This means several things for us like bringing the horses in instead of out in the morning feeding them wheelbarrows of hay in their fields in the evening and mucking out stables in the evening after 6. We still work them all in the mornings, we can't work them long because of the heat but they still get their exercise and the young horses still make their progress. With this new routine we begin at 7 in the morning work until round about half past 11 and commence again at 5 meaning early mornings and late evenings. Most of us (me including of course) compensate this with our nanna-naps after lunch until 4 if we don't go to town. If it's to hot to sleep in side and the flies finally drive you totally crazy (there will come a moment when you actually feel like a dead carcass by the amount of flies that are on your body, personal record about 6 flies at once no joke) we make our own little spa in the stables where it is the coolest and it would look something like this 

A big water bucket filled with the lovely dirty but cold so satisfying water from the channel.

I love summer, even this hot humid sticky fly-filled summer. It makes me so happy. In Belgium we had quite a sunny summer but nothing can compare this. The amoun of vitamin D I soke up here is just the best. I'm not even getting brunt that much anymore! 
However along with the summer sun the mosquitoes and flies arrived too... 
An example of what Australia's countryside mossies do to you:

It has gotten a lot better by now (I took this about a week ago), they like my bum and legs better now... I just have to keep myself from scratching TO hard, I wouldn't want them infected or any thing.

Triplets and driveway roses 

Lots of love
xoxo Lizzie 

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