Thursday, 13 November 2014


On the 8th of November 2014 I woke up at 6 o’clock on a horse stud on the countryside north to Melbourne, Australia. It would get up to nearly 40 degrees that day so we agreed we would do as much work in the morning when it’s still cool. So I said I would get up first to work with Betina. Thank God I did.
I slouched out of bed pulled on my training and boots and went out in the cool Saturday morning to turn on the sprinklers so the dust would settle in the arena, I walked outside to an absolutely magical scenery; the full moon still shining bright in the West and the sun already waking up and spreading it’s beautiful orange pinky morning light over the stretched out countryside in the East.
I made myself a cup of tea filled a bowl with cereal and ate my breakfast on a small patch of grass, which, I found, was the best place to enjoy this magical scenery.
I had a good day that day, it was hot but we drove to a lake about half an hour from the farm to get some refreshment and boy did that refresh. Laura is here by car from Melbourne (she drove all the way down here from Sydney!), explaining the ‘we drove’ part.

Good days occur a lot over here. Like the other day (the 10th of November that is) it was a lovely warm day. I rode two horses that day. First up was Betina in the morning, I prepared here, lunged her and than rode her for a few minutes after that Jocelyn rode here after which I jumped with here. (Naomie and me are the only ones with jumping experience so we’ll be jumping the horses from now on, YAY!) We only jumped 30 cm but hey, it’s a start J and it went good so that’s what counts.  At first she had some difficulties making a 90° turn but once she realized we were jumping she suddenly could make 45° turns.  After Betina they told me I could ride Fasolt (the 7 year old Stallion), cutest little fella ever! And such a good horse! He only needs to learn to make his movement coming from the back. And than in the afternoon we went into town, I forgot all my money (so typical) so I didn’t get to buy a new (Australian) sim card, aftersun, …) but that’s alright we’ll go back to town Friday at the latest.

I love being here, we’re with 6 girls here now of which 5 riders so that’s a lot of people for not that much work. We usually get everything done by half past 11. 6 girls together does cause some drama sometimes, but it’s not bad drama just interesting conversations, Jan isn’t always the easiest person to work for. She’s so adorable but she can get very controversial to herself to sometimes. Anyway we figure it out one day at a time.

HAKUNA MATATA – it means no worries.
I don’t have a lot of worries here; I guess it has something to do with the fact that they say it a lot. When you say thank you, for example, 95% you’ll get a “No worries!” back, isn’t that awesome?! Because in the end, you actually start believing it and so having no (well, less at least) worries! Love it!

Talk to you soon, lots of love
Lizzie xoxo 

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