Thursday, 11 December 2014

Weather forecast: windy yet sweaty

Today, December 11th, we have barely two weeks until Christmas. At home I would have so much going on right now, buying presents for my dear ones helping mom organise this years Christmas location and meal. But this year with two weeks until Christmas I'm on the other side of our globe laying in a sofa outside enjoying the wind rushing by and the sun occasionally poking through the trees to warm me up again. This year I have no Christmas hustle what so ever, I'm just another girl laying in a sofa taking a moment to enjoy life.
I love the thought that you can find my direct family over the whole world. With my dad in India, my brother in Canada and my mother and sisters in Belgium we literally are all over place ( nearly one on each continent, I know that if she could my second oldest sister, Katrien, would be on a different continent than any of us as she's always planning to do ;) ).

I changed my prepaid deal on my phone which made that I didn't have internet for about a week. This made me realise how much more I enjoy my time here. Christoffer McCandless once said "Happiness is only real when shared" and I couldn't agree more but I enjoy my moment of happiness so much more when I don't have the ability to share it with the world immediately. It feels like my little secret, and it's in my power when and wether I want to share it. I like to savour my happiness. Suck up as much happiness as I can, while I can. I missed all this happiness for a while but now I remember what it feels like and I won't ever let it go anymore. I swore to myself that, for as long as I live, I will do everything in my power to make myself happy. I've realised here that there is nothing that makes me happier in the world than traveling and working with horses and now that I actually combined both I couldn't be enjoying life more.

Writing for my blog becomes so much easier to without Internet all the time. I actually have something to say now. When I had so much internet I would be talking a lot with friends and family  what made that I didn't really have anything to say anymore because I would have said everything already maybe not all to everyone but at least all in bits and pieces to a handful of people. So now I'm back on the blogging! Yay! 
I like blogging, I can get rid of everything I want, I don't need to say everything a dozen times and I can still keep things to my self to say in person to the people I want. (And I like sharing my adventures ;) ) of course it's also a great way to keep all my adventures and memories neatly in order for my self.

Last thing! 
I finally got some pictures of me riding here! Currently I'm riding about 4 horses. One of which I'm breaking in (Fergil), one has just been broken in so I'm training him further (Berenger) and the last two (Fasolt & Nina) are fully trained horses which I train. Nina is a bit of an exception because she was broken in quite late and with no consistent riders after that so she's a bit of a project, but we're making progress of which I'm proud! 

My dearest Fasolt<3
My big baby boy, Berenger
-this has picture has been taken from a video which can be seen on my YouTube account ' lizadirix ' captioned 'Berenger Dec 14'

The beautiful, talented Fergil. This is NoĆ©mie riding because it was here last day. 
He's only had a rider on him since last Monday (8/12)  and already relaxed and even collected (with just a very light contact!) ! So proud of this beautiful boy!

I don't have any pictures of me with Nina but they will come, all in good time.

On the 20th I'll be heading back to Melbourne for Christmas and from there on I'll continue my travels to Tassie. But first up; my last 9 days in my little horse paradise!

Lots of love
Lizzie xoxo

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