Thursday, 18 December 2014

Fifty two days

For 52 days the Northern Warmblood Stud in Wyuna, Victoria was my home. Now it's time for me to move on.

Fifty two days full of laughter, training, hard work, sweat, swearing, sun (a lot of sun), rain, tears, frustration, sunburns, day trips to the lake, night trips to Ky(abram)& Shep(parton), horses, friendship, secrets, itchy-ness, wounds, scares, real life horse breeding about 2 to 3 times a week, the whole of my 2 thousand song music library & tan lines, cowboy hats & Cowboys, sleep & desserts, washing & picking up shit, sweeping & drinking water, dirty nails & greesy hair but most of all the best of memories with awesome people.
I feel, although I'm not religious in the slitist, blessed to have ended up here for my first chapter of my Aussie adventure.
I learned enormous amounts about horses, myself and others.
There are so many ways to train a horse, not all are the right ones in my eyes but hey, they if they've done it like that for the past 50 years who am I to say I don't believe that's a good way to train your horse? So I just lay back a bit drained some of my morals concerning horses through the drain (temporarily!!) and listen to how they want their horses trained silently thinking by myself how and what I would do different from them to get the same end result.
On top of all the horses around me every day (which was like heaven already for me) I got to meet and get to know some totally awesomesaus people who most definitely made my stay here so much more fun. 
The last two weeks were hard, we were only with three for about 3 days (coming from being with 5 for a month), then a Italian girl came in the evening who left the following morning already because she had came to the conclusion that she had an insect fobia and with us seeing snakes every other day, having an average of 10 spider kills a day and seeing so many little animals fly around this wasn't the most comfortable place to stay so she left us the following morning leaving us with 3 again. Lucky us the day after the girl left a new girl arrived, a German girl who could ride. She was a lot of fun and planned on staying 3 months! But something went wrong I guess with the horses ending up with here leaving after a week with Noémie (the French girl who had been here for 2 months) so from last Friday (12/12) we were with 2. Inge and I worked out asses of with nearly 10 hours a day hard work in the burning sun. After 3 days we were absolutely exhausted and didn't have no fun in doing anything anymore. But on Monday evening Steve saved us by inviting us to a Christmas BBQ at his place, he would pick us up at 6 that evening so we simply couldn't work until half past 9 like the evening before. We had a great evening (without bbq but) with great people and lovely food! We stayed at Steve's for the night so the next morning he drove us back to Northern. We had quite a chill day because we were later back and Jan wasn't home so we could really work relaxed. Wednesday afternoon we went to see Betty an older friend of Jan. We had baked gingerbread so we brought it over for a lovely afternoon tea. And then on Thursday evening we went to the Christmas BBQ of the Wyuna church community which was absolutely wonderful, so much little kids all excited waiting for Santa who arrived on a big fire truck (because well, on what else ?! ;) ) so we had another great evening with loads of good home made Aussie food and sweets. 
The last week we worked really hard and I'm so glad to get out of here now, but nonetheless I will miss this place. It was, after all, home away from home for nearly 2 months. 
It was a great experience and I'm ready to move on. 
I need it now to go explore new things and places around Australia (to start with. You know, while I'm here ;) ). There is still so much to be discovered about this world and most certainly about myself too. I worked a few things out for myself already such as; I could work with horses everyday for the rest of my life (with the occasional vacations of course). I will move on, no matter what I have to move on because life goes on no matter what. Friendship is so so so important. Relaxation is essential to be able to work hard and good. 

I will continue to search for myself for as long as I feel the need to.

Inge (bottem left), Noémie (right) and myself on one of Steve's bbqs 

My totally awesomesaus ride

One of the 7 beehives on the property 

Draught + stormy winds = dusty sky's 

A verry melony tea time, delish!

 Cowboy hats in the burning sunshine 

My dearly beloved Fergil, my very first breaker! 

For those of you who were wondering how and Aussie Santa looks like, there you go. "Why is he wearing sunglasses?" "Because he's cool"

It was an early Christmas, but it was the first time this year that it actually felt like Christmas for me in this heat

Oh yeah... I started packing today (Thursday) too. My room got worse before it got better haha! 

Tomorrow I'll work until I've done my 3 horses after that I'll have to start washing all my horse gear and actually get everything into my backpack. Horse stuff must go first in because I won't be using it for at least a month or 2. 

 Got everything rolled up neatly to go straight in after my horsey stuff goes in. I already stuffed my sleepingbag and some other shit in but I'm thinking I'm going to have to get it out again once I'm putting everything in there. Ah well I'll see ;) 
So exciting!! I love to pack, I'm really bad at it as you might've gathered but I love it nevertheless. 
Preparing for my next great adventure!
Saturday at 20 past 3 in the afternoon I'll be out of here! 

So excited!
xoxo Lizzie

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