Friday, 19 June 2015

where did I leave you

Yesterday a week ago I arrived back in Belgium after my almost 8 month Aussie adventure. 
Today, my laptop is fixed so I can blog again with all my pictures at hand ! 
I left you guys hanging at West MacDonnell National Park in the NT. After those couple days national park we had to head back south again. And so we did.

The Breakaways
 This had been said to be one of outback south Australia's best kept secrets !
The entire area was once (about 70 million years ago) covered by an inland sea, it's a very eery place to say the least it's almost like you're on mars. Even though this place has one of the world's harshest environments there are still an array of native flora and fauna who have successfully adapted themselves to survive the climate. It's awesome, hot, weird and even a bit scary driving through here.

This is a dog fence.
The fence is almost 2 meters high and stretches over 5,614km through South-eastern Australia.
By 1885 this pest-exclusion fence finished and should protect the (relatively) fertile south-east part of Australia and protect huge sheep flocks in Southern Queensland.
The necessity of the fence becomes very clear when you read stories about one station alone in SA losing more than 11,000 sheep in a year to dingo attacks, even as recently as in 1991 a station lost 3000 sheep in one year. The sheep farmers fought back with poison and shooting, and eventually ending up building world's longest fence.

After a night in Coober Pedy we stopped at hart lake in South Australia the next day.
Lake Hart is one of Australia's many salt water lakes. Which makes that you can just walk over the entire lake because it is entirely covered with salt. 

Lake Hart

Kati Thanda- Lake Eyre showing it's famous pink colouration from algae

The most well-known is Lake Eyre. Situated not far from where we were at this time is lake is the lowest natural point in Australia at approximately 15m below sea level and on the rare occasions that it fills (a few times a century) the latest lake in Australia and the 18 largest in the world!

April 10 was our last night on the Stuart hwy.
So we ended it good with a little fire, garlic bread on the BBQ, a very good tomato soup and of course our great books we had bought in Alice Springs. 

next up, Barossa wine valley, SA

 Because we had seen the entire coast up to Port Augusta we decided to by-pass Adelaide this time and head for the Barossa Valley.

This major wine-producing region has cute village names like Mount Pleasant and Nuriootpa. So we went cruising through there for about 3 days. It was great we went wine tasting at this big winery, Whistler Wines. We went here because they have a kangaroo nursery too! Hence the cute little kangaroo picture.
The wine on the left here is called 'Get in my belly!' (wadup Austin Power reference!!) hence the x-ray picture on the bottle too ;-).

After a delicious lunch of crackers and cheese from The Barossa Valley Cheese Co, grapes and a little bit of tatziki with a great view over the valley we presumed our driving tour through the valley.

Our last stop in South Australia was Bordertown where we got to meet these cool guys!
What makes this town special is that it is home to the white kangaroo!
These kangaroos aren't albino, they are just Western Grey Kangaroos who turned out white. According to a story the first white male white western grey kangaroo was found an captured in 1980. By 1984 the first white western grey kangaroo was born and ever since then white kangaroos have been borne in successive generations. 

So April, 14 2015 was the day that I saw an entire breeding colony of white kangaroos, not albinos naturally white kangaroos.

writing this all in retrospect was fun because I was still in Oz so it wasn't all so far away at all.
Now, however, that I'm back in Belgium it's a bit sad writing about it because it all seems so far away and I want to go back so badly but on the other hand I really enjoy it a lot too because I'm constantly reminded of those great happy times.
all about my first and last state Victoria will be for the next post!
xoxo Lizzie

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