Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Not quite yet

So normaly I would fly back to Belgium today. 
We woke up at half past 5 this morning so that by 6 we would be on our way down to Melbourne, we being Steve and I as he offered to drive me down which was very awesome. By half past 8 I walked into the international terminal of Melbourne airport. Five minutes later I found out my flight was canceled so, after getting directed and redirected all over this side of the airport I finally found the Jetstar help desk. After an hour and a half I walked back out of the airport again, crossed the street en entered the very fancy Parkroyal hotel ! 
As it so happened that due to engineering requirements my flight was rebooked to tomorrow morning which means that I got a hotel room worth up to 150$ and a 30$ voucher for any thing I want in the hotel ! 
So here I am in a fancy hotel leisurely walking around debating if I would go to the spa now of later.

Aaaaah, how wonderful life can be.

Not quite heading home yet, it seems Australia is giving me one extra day of wonderfullness and I'll enjoy every minute of it!

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