Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Choices to make

In life everyone will come to a point where decisions need to made. 
This summer (2014) I came to that point. 

After graduating from high school at the end of June I came to the conclusion that I actually had no idea what so ever what I wanted to study. Choosing a study field isn't just a choice you make for the next 3 years (or so), it's a choice you make that will form the rest of your life. When this though hit me I became more and more sceptical about my choice of studying animal care in Gent. How do I know (that is, how can anyone know), at the age of 18, what they want to do or be in life. I seem to fail grasping the idea that someone so young and unexperienced can know what he of she want to do in life for the rest of their life.
People make choices everyday in life every minute of it, knowing or unknowing. So many people my age had to make the same decision at the same time as me, how can it be that it seemed only to me such a difficult one? So difficult that I ended up not making it at all. Many may think that I'm running away from it, but I'm not. Well, perhaps in some way I am, but I believe that the decision I made is the right one for me at this time. And besides I'm not running away from studying, I'm just making sure that the decision I wil make (next year probably) is one I feel peaceful with.

So, after postponing my study choice for quite some time I started thinking of possibility's, other than studying, which I could do. Thanks to an important person in my life I found the site On this site I found a horse stud farm who need trainers to ride horses on a daily base, I fell in love with the whole idea immediately. I sent them an email, got response and that was the launch of my great Australian adventure. 

As you may or may not know my greatest passions in life are horses and travelling. By going to Australia I believe I can enrich both these passions. 

Via this blog I wil try my very best to keep those I left behind posted on my great adventure.

So excited already!
Lots of love 
Liza xo

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