Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Same name, different country

It's been two months (today) since I touched down in Brussels and a lot has changed.

I've made some decisions that weren't easy to make but I did what I had to do which brings me here today where I am now.

The last two months have been rough, to say the least. 
When I left Oz I was scared to come back and face 'real' life, the life that I had left behind. Turns out that that life doesn't exist anymore. 
So I had to start over again, but not like I had to start over so many times before in life. No, this time I had to start over with the full knowledge what I know had once been here. 
Everything has changed and yet it all still looks the same, it just doesn't feel the same which is hard to wrap your head around. Because you think you know something but than it turns out you don't even have a clue about whats going on.

I had a really hard time to get my life back on track again. 
I started working at the same cafe/restaurant I had worked before I left and tried to get hold of my old friends again. 
The long hours of hard work mainly kept me from packing my bag and leaving again the first month.
It was hard to accept that everything had changed so so much over the last 8 months. The friends I though I had weren't what I though they were anymore, they were different just as everything was. 
I dragged myself through everyday with a broken hart longing to go back to my world, the one I knew was real. 
This wasn't why I had left?
This wasn't what I wanted?
Why did I even come back, I had everything I've ever wanted and yet I came back. Why.

I came back because I had to. Because I wanted to too somewhere deep down I guess....

Anyway, I'm back now and there's not much to do about it now anymore.
meanwhile, I made some decisions in life one was to change my blog slightly.
the other was to pick up my horse riding here in Belgium.

The first you will have noticed by now think. I decided to change the name to Lizzies world adventures because well, Australia might've been my first great adventure but it won't be my last and as I quite enjoy writing I decided to keep writing despite being back in Belgium. I'm starting my next great adventure in September; Studying! 
And this summer I've been to Sweden for 10 days at the end of July so I'll tell you all about that in my next post for sure!

And the second thing is to start riding again. During my last years of high school I always trained other peoples (showjump) horses but with leaving I kind of said goodbye to that little thing too. (The little thing that wasn't that little in my life).
Anyway I know that horses have always been able to help me get back on my feet again and this time they will too. Since I'm back on horse back I feel my life getting back together bit by bit which is a great feeling after having it seen crumble so fast and far apart.

With only about another month to go until I start college I'm kind of reviewing my summer.
At this moment I would say that things are OK.
Everything and everyone has changed, but so have I. So that's alright.

talk to you soon again,
xoxo from me

PS; my apologies for any spelling/grammar mistakes. It's obviously been a little while since I've been writing like I am.

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