Sunday, 24 May 2015

outback auzzie

After a mesmerising trip at Uluru and a (free!) good nights sleep and a fuel fill-up we headed back up the Lasseter Hwy toward Kings Canyon !

Kings Canyon, sometimes referred to as Australia's own Grand Canyon!
It was yet another beautifully hot day and by the time we got there it was already past mid day so we were strongly advised not to start the 6km rim walk. Not feeling any burning desire to do the rim walk at the time we settled for the leisurely 2 km walk which traces the bottom of the canyon.

We got to see the beautiful rock formations from down below which was just as magnificent to us.

WILD HORSES BABY!! My very first couple of horses leisurely chilling alongside the highway. How very excited I was after a good 3 months without horses to finally see some again and in the wild! Totally awesomesaus I'm telling you.

Alice, which is incidentally the geographical centre of Australia and the third biggest town in the Territory, was charmingly hot and dry as usual.

Our first night we slept at the tropic of Capricorn and saw (half of a) full moon eclipse ! Half because the clouds ruined it quite quick.

The following day in Alice we found our way to the information centre pretty quick, as usual.
As there isn't much to do or see in Alice we only spent about a day and a half in total there, mainly to restock.

No, I am sorry for lying. There are plenty of things to do in Alice Springs, the thing is you see, we only really found out about them when we had already left.
We knew about the Desert Park, but didn't really think much of it. How wrong could we be. As we were driving back South out of Alice we started reading Bill Bryson's Down Under which is about Australia. Anyway, he goes to Alice Springs to and goes to the desert park and tells about it. What a shame we didn't do it actually, apparently it is truly something awesome. So, naturally, is had made it on my TO DO list for my next Oz adventure.

So after a real bar meal (pizzaaaaaa) and a night at a really cheap (& recommendable!) campsite we headed of to the West MacDonnell National Park fully restocked again for yet another big outback adventure!

Thankfully this national park is free so we could chill as much and as long as we very well pleased.
Our first stop was Simpsons Gap, one of the natural all year round water holes.

Well, this would be the right time to tell you that we lost our little map somewhere halfway our first day. That's what you get with cursing with your windows open... So anyway our 2 day MacDonnell adventure is a bit hazy in terms of linking the right places to the right pictures. But we had a great time so that's all the counts for me.

Simpsons Gap

So here's yet another national park adventure of ours!

Glen Helen Gorge


It was with out a doubt another great outback national park adventure, swimming in ice cold natural water holes and some real rough unsealed driving. About 40km of bone rattling washboarded and dusty road, is, I can tell you know for a fact, quite exhausting.

I'll be back with more, outback adventures!
xoxo Lizzie

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