Thursday, 28 May 2015

Live it like only I can

Finally a real time post!

Since my sister left (April 30th) Oz I drove back up to Kyabram. 
kyabram is a small town in northeast Victoria. 
I had been here already in the first two months I was in Oz. But this time I wasn't heading for the Northern Warmblood Stud, no. I'm staying with this awesome couple and their 2 year old girl. These are real horse people. At Northern I didn't agree with most of the methods they used with their horses, here how ever I believe I have the privilege to stay with a great horse man. And above all, he's teaching me all these awesome things about horses and everything else!

In the meantime I've been here close to a month and I've learnt so much already! 
The responsibility bit, however, started the 20th before dawn and dusk.
As Steve and Charlotte needed to go up to QLD for 10days I've got the place all to myself now! 
The house including about 60 sheep, 3 cows, 8 horses, 6 chickens, 2 dogs and 2 kittens are currently all under my capable control.
(Top left to bottom; Bob, Chilli & Wilson, on the right is Milo and the two kittens) 

I had gone from being responsible for nobody but myself and my car to being responsible for somebody else's house, land and animals for 10 days in a very short time.
I don't mind being on my own at all anymore because I've been on my own quite some time now but this is different as I'm alone in a actual house instead of my car haha! 
It's great, I like to cook, clean and care for myself and all the animals. It's amazing how much you get back from them. Well, from the horses, cats and dogs at least. They have one ram which scares the crap out of me, how ridiculous that may seem but I really don't like that guy. When I go feed the Bob (the stallion), which is in the same paddock, the ram always wants to have food too so he stalks me which is scary of you ask me ! Even if I'm just in there to take of bobby's rug off he comes waddling up to us at a good tempo and starts following me around and sniffing my trousers and standing infrint of me and pushing his head against me. No. I don't like him.

On a positive note though, I started running again and Man I'm out of shape ! Djeezus, I couldn't even run for 5 min flat! 
Thankfully my condition is coming back quite good and quick. I'm almost back at my 5k jobbie which is where I kind of left of in Belgium all those months ago. 

So that's all good, and I'm working with horses every day now which makes me very happy too. Even without Steve here to teach me new things and point out the obvious things, I still feel that I'm learning every day I work with these horses. Which is one of the best feelings in the world if you ask me. Progress.

I've been talking to a friend from high school with whom I hadn't spoken with since well, high school. But it was great to talk to her again and I feel so much better having talked with her. She really is a great person. 
I'm still a bit nervous to go back to Belgium certainly now I know what I'm leaving behind here. But that's what I have to do and so I will do that. I know I've got a great family and good friends there to help me get back up when I fall over. 
Which is a good feeling because I know that whichever path I choose to take I know that they'll be there for me. 
But choosing a path, I have to do on my own. I'm the only one who can do that for myself which is, comforting in a way because I know that I'm fully in charge of my own life. Which is what I want and always have wanted. I find it a magnificent feeling to know that you are in charge of your own life and for the last 7 months I have got to have that non stop. Nobody could or would tell me where to go or what to do. No, I decided everyday again and again what I would do and see that day if I would do/see anything at all, that was completely up to me. That kind of freedom is really what I needed after everything that happened the past few years. Things seemed to move so quick and out of my control, certainly my last year of high school and the summer following. Such absolutely wonderful things happened (graduation being one of the biggest) but at the same time terrible things happens just as fast, easy and good as the good things it seemed.
Life seemed to be spinning out of my control further and further away so it was time for me to catch and grab it with my both hands never to let it go out of my sight again. So I booked a flight to the other side of the world with my backpack and pocket full of life, ready to live my life like only I can.
Which is what I did, am doing and will do for the rest of my life. Well, try to do now I know how good life can be.

That'll be all for now,
Lizzie xoxo

Oh, ps; my laptop is doing strange things, well not doing things which is strange actually but anyway I can't get on the internet so I'm posting with my iPod hence the increase of mistakes and the lack of posts.

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