Monday, 2 February 2015

Catching up, North

Catching up, North

So I realized that I still hadn't said anything of the last 2 weeks of our Tassie treasure adventure.

I ended the story with walking out of the South Coast Track alive.
After signing out and cleaning our boots (so that we don't spread possible diseases around the country, did the same when we entered the track), anyway after we did that we walked to the Cockle Creek information center, which was closed. So looking around for some information as to how we would get out of the most southern ('civilized') point of Tassie and Australia by all means. 

It had started to rain a lot harder since we left the track too, this in combination with finding out that taking a bus back to Hobart would cost us 90$ EACH did not do anything good to my mood. (This made our decision to hitchhike our way up back to Hobart quite easy though) 
I was exhausted and cold which made my mood terrible.
Cockle Creek must be a very pretty place to spend the holiday on that rainy afternoon; however, it didn't reveal its beauty to us.
We walked around a bit hoping to find some people who were leaving but everyone had just arrived, as it was nearly the start of the weekend. So we walked back to our packs, which we had left under the sheltered information center and sunk down defeated on them.
The rain didn't stop either, got worst at times than lessened again. This didn't help either.

But only about an hour after we sat their huddled together against the rain and cold, saviors came.
A little family was on a vacation through Tassie and after driving around the big camping area, concluding there wasn't a nice spot for them they took us in the car and drove up to Southport where they themselves would stay the night too. 
So we were saved.
Southport still isn't what you can call civilization just because there's a campground and restaurant. But it everything we needed and we hadn’t paid a penny to get there!
We didn't pay too much for the spot of grass to pitch our tent and we bought ourselves some cookies to cheer us op, boy did that work. The sun had come out on our way to Southport by the way! So the tent and all our wet clothes could dry up nicely. 
Weren't we lucky?!
the first civilisation !

The next day we followed our routine of packing everything up again (leaving no trace ;) ) to head back on the road North, tramping our way up.
After 2-3 km two girls stopped and drove us to Dover (the closest shop we knew, as we had run out of nearly all our food). Turns out one of the two was a fellow backpacker from England and the girl who was driving was a real Aussie who had travelled through Africa, Asia and a part of Europe last year. 

Arriving in Dover we went straight to the IGA (which is like the Delhaize or the Spar at home) walking through all those aisles packed with food we treated our selves with the thing we craved most each. Peanut butter jelly sandwiches for me and bacon & eggs for Dries. We bought food for the next couple of days knowing we would now come across supermarkets regularly. 
After stuffing our faces with a caramel chocolate bar and snickers we headed back on the road again to find a camping ground in the area. 
No more than 30min later we were already getting settled in on a campsite near the beach.
We siesta’d in the afternoon and each took a long hot shower (this first in 8days at least!) wow! Never enjoyed a shower more than then I think haha! I had to wash my hair 3 times to get out all the greasiness, which was kind of gross but felt so good when I got out with actual clean hair. (Washing your hair under a cold waterfall without shampoo doesn't really do anything with your hair; I've learned that now)

So the following day we had a great breakfast, not to say the best! Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, bacon & eggs and a good cup of tea, I mean does it really get better than that?! I don't think so! 
After that wonderful start of the day we gathered everything together and hit the road again.
After about an hour a German immigrated plumber (I think he was) picked us up. We said we would like to go up as far as Geeveston but he said we didn't because it's boring there and nothing to do. So instead of dropping us of in Geeveston we drove right past it al the way to Cygnet (which was on the other side of the mountain), where there was a folk festival going on. Right on the weekend we were there! Such coincidence! 
We stayed the whole weekend in Cygnet, enjoying the mellow vibes of the Cygnet Folk Festival. It was awesome, like getting stranded in hipster-vile. Live music, both street and on stage, everywhere gorgeous food stalls and all kinds of other different stall that sold all these hand made (local mostly) things. 
It was great to spend the weekend. 
some awesome musicians in Cygnet!

On Monday we got back to Hobart easy enough. We had some things stashed in a luggage locker in town, so we went to pick up the rest of our stuff. Soooooo much stuff I left behind, nearly half my backpack because I only needed the bare minimum to go hiking. But to my surprise I managed to fit it all in my pack again. No worries.

We would go back to the airport camping park, where we had stayed the night before we left on our hike, we stayed there 4 days (3nights) until we had our flight back to the mainland. This because Dries had an exam to do 2 days after he'd arrive back in Belgium so I made him study while I worked on my blog (the previous post took me nearly the most of 3 days). 
On the 15th of January in the late afternoon we headed to the airport (catching a free taxi ride there!) we saw the sun set over the beautiful state we had just left behind to arrive in a dark but (significantly) warmer Melbourne airport again. 
Bart (the friends in Eltham) picked us up from the domestic terminal and drove us back to Eltham where we would stay another 3 nights until Sunday when we cached the train back to Melbourne in the late morning.

It was nice to be back in the familiar streets of Melbourne. 
We ate cupcakes and went in the Eureka 88 skydeck to top off my chapter two together. 

I had completely forgotten how good it was to have a travel companion. 
I made some life time memories of which I am all very grateful for. What a great month it was!

Talk to you soon

xoxo Lizzie

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