Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Alone time

Being alone is something where I got pretty good at.
I loved being in my own, even for days. 
But now I am in need of company and not just any company. I'm in need of the company I love most. The company that left me past Tuesday. 
You know the frase; 'you don't know what you've got until it's gone' ?
Well, I can confirm that 99%.
I wanted my freedom back, my lonely freedom. I realise now that that was my freedom. I don't need to be alone to have my freedom. I didn't know that than, I do now.

So now I'm on a mission, my own mission to teach myself to be alone again. I was so good at it, I just need to learn to appreciate it again and I will. Soon enough.
Until that time, 
I bought a car. My very own backpacker 4WD! 
Pictures and more info will come, no worries.
I first have to actually have the at keys in my hand which will happen next Monday.
By than the money should be transferred and on Tuesday I have an appointment with vicroads to register the car again. ( meaning new plates and putting it on my name officially, THAN I'll have my very own car.) 

In the mean time, after my very expensive but every so wonderful month, I'm living cheep. Very cheep. I cut down my 5$ a day treats down to 50cents, that is I cut it down to one soft cone from macca's a day. I still have quite some food which I bought with Dries plus I don't eat a lot anymore so that'll last me at least until Tuesday. 
Than I'll start over, with my car. 

I'm going to drive up the whole east cost in 2 months, that's the plan.
Heading north.

Oh and P.S I tried writing the rest of our adventures when we got out of the South Coast track but I can't seem to find the right words for it all, so it will come but all in good time. I promise 
And P.P.S I'm sorry if there are much more grammatical errors in this post again, it's because I'm typing with my iPod again :) I am doing my best to keep them r a minimum, so bare with me ;)

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