Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Take off

I’ve taken off in Düsseldorf to the first of my greatest adventures in life.
It’s was raining and cloudy, super sad weather in other words in Düsseldorf. It wouldn’t be any better in London but it will be in Singapore and in Australia, I’m sure.
Any way up up high in the sky the weather is great; floating peacefully on a great cloud carpet everything seems all right.

My middle sister mom and dad brought me to the airport this afternoon but it already seems days ago. I absolutely love those travel butterflies!
While proceeding through baggage check, duty-free and eventually my gate I started to wander why I wanted to leave so bad. Because I did want to leave, I wanted to leave as soon as possible and go as far as possible. The first didn’t really go to plan but I’m gone so that isn’t an issue anymore and the later of going as far as possible I think I did quite a good job. I could have gone to New Zealand but I’m glad I chose Australia in the end. New Zealand is on my list so won’t be forgotten.

I had to do this now, having no clue what so ever about my further life and having just graduating high school this really is the perfect moment. I though that by the end of last year at high school I would have found myself somewhere somehow well that came out different…
Just a month and a half before my end exams I ended up in hospital with a major concussion due to a lovely young horse that rather throw me of and run of to the stables than nicely asking me to get off. Any way with that concussion I needed a months worth of rest at home meaning no school, no nothing but my bed and the dark.
My head was a mess.
The concussion did more to me than only shake my brains I think. I was so confused I had no idea what so ever what to do with my life.  I was possibly sure that I would fail my end exams (which I didn’t) that I had no friends (which I have, the best of friends) everything was coming down on me hard. 
It took me a while and it wasn’t easy what so ever but I pulled myself out of the ditch and walked away from it by the time I graduated. It were hard times but I’m glad I got through them (with success, I might ad).

So then after graduation the summer vacation started. Although I made it out of the worst of the ditch I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life let alone what I wanted to do in college. After a summer of postponing (which I’m getting really good at) it was September all of a sudden and I HAD to make a choice. After some more postponing I came up with the idea of going abroad.
Going abroad is something I’ve always wanted to do, something I always needed to do for myself. But after graduating I though I had it together enough to move on like ‘normal’ students do. Guess not.

All this takes me to where I’m now. Up high above the clouds in a plane on my way to Australia (eventually).

I don’t really have that much expectations of Australia in itself, my plan is to just let it all happen to me and I’ll see where it gets me. However I do have tons of expectations of myself. The main reason I’m doing this all, after all, is to find myself and above all to be at peace with myself and everything at comes with that.

I travel the world hoping to find what I search. 

Greetings from London Heathrow !
Lizzie xoxo

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