Monday, 26 October 2015


Alright, so this weekend it’ll be a year since I left on my great Australian adventure and because I really didn’t want to be in the country that weekend I booked a little broke city trip with my sister.
But this little city trip ain’t going to be your average London, Parijs, Amsterdam-citytrip. No. You see the thing is we have no idea where we’re going to go. In fact we won’t have a clue until we step on the (hopefully) right plane in Rotterdam (NL) on the morning of the 31st. How exciting is that???!

Yes I know, VERY.

So, Tweenie had found this awesome site a few months ago already but we didn’t really had the time to go anywhere over summer and with me just coming back from Oz and being down and all we never really got to booking a trip. But now a couple of weeks ago it started daunting on me that this coming weekend it would be a year since I had left and I realised that I REALLY didn’t want to be in the country that weekend. (And Monday is a national holiday so neither of us have school! Woehoe!) Alright so we started looking at like the basic London (where I’ve never been btw!) but as London is very expensive certainly if you start booking on short term like we were. So than all of a sudden I remembered the ‘broke’ category on this 'srprs.mesite so I went on the site and booked immediately!

The basic principle of the website is ‘you'll of wherever you're meant to go’.  Which is totally awesome.
The site works like this:
  • First of all you start by choosing a category ( City tripping, broke, solo together, Multi city, adventure, road tripping… ) and date.
  • After choosing your date, filling out the form and paying the actual fun begins!
  • In the week before your actual depart, you'll receive an envelope with a card on your doorstep. This card contains certain information on which airport and at what time you are expected to be on the day of your departure but the most important thing on the card is the unique scratch code  which you (and your friend) are to scratch once at the airport to reveal your destination unknown! 
  • So all that is now left to do is to board that plane and be ready for an awesome adventure!

  • For more information , reviews or anything else regarding this awesome site please go to

This little spontaneous adventure trip is so very much needed right now.
I would even say it’s needed just as much as I needed to go to Oz just a year ago.
I can’t really explain what’s going on with me right know but I do know that it’s a hell of a lot and that I seriously need a brake of all this bullshit (again, yes I do realise that).

It’s not that I didn’t know that the whole 'studying in college' thing would be hard and that I would have to fight for it, it’s just that I hadn’t really expected the fighting to start so soon into it. 
I mean, I haven’t even been in college for 2 full months and I had already failed at least one of the two tests which just really hurts this early in the semester. That and a couple of other things seem to keep bringing me down. 
Even the one I thought wouldn't ever be able to take me down again like he once did, actually did the other week. And I only wanted to talk about Aussie for like 2 minutes, that's all. Anyway this just made me realise that I really don't need people like this in my life. 
It's a shame that one has to select people in ones life like this but I feel like I have no choice. I can't have the same people drag me down time and again. So if this is what I have to do to help get myself to happiness again, I will even though he really did make me so so very happy once on the other side of the world. But that's over with which I (finally) made my peace, just the fact that we can't even just talk to one another about all these amazing things we did hurts. 

It won't ever be easy to be in Belgium, I've known and realised that since the day I came back, all I'm asking for is to make it doable at least. To let me share some awesome moments, new and old ones. 

"You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down." 
-Toni Morrison

 talk to you soon again, I promise.
xoxo Lizzie 

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